Sunday, April 24, 2016

Adventurous Angles

It was a goal of mine this year and on my SLO/DPP to work on engagement. It’s something that I struggled with from the beginning especially with my students that were already so distracted. I wanted to find a way to hook them and bring them in. So I did just that, it’s been a work in progress and honestly it’s at the end of the year that I am finally figuring out what works for my students and it’s all going to change next year, with a whole new group. But I am okay with that. It gives me more opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge. As an engaging activity, I created this “Adventurous Angle” task cards to help my students who still needed that push in finding missing angle features. I plan on adding on to this today with a Power Point teaching students how we can fins missing measures of angles but for now, I have these. It’s Sunday, I am going to go take a nice long walk with my puppy and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine before it gets too hot! Check out my store for these super cute task cards!


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