I made decimal/fraction name tags for a review lesson. Students were given a name tag and then asked to find their match. That person that was their match, became their partner for the review lesson. My students love participating in “Stand Up, Hand Up and Pair Up” but they have a tendency to pick classmates that they are best friends with despite my attempts to encourage them to not pick their best friend. I loved that this activity prevented them doing just that! 

If ya’ll haven’t checked out Miss 5th, then you need to get over to her page or her Instagram! She is the one behind these amazing whiteboard ideas. I was having such trouble with classroom community in my class. My students were SO incredibly mean to each other, I didn’t know what to do anymore and that’s when I stumbled on Miss 5th and her whiteboard ideas. I decided to try it out and it has improved my classroom community and I am AMAZED!! My students look forward to doing something different every day and I am so thankful to have found these ideas. 

This is another review activity that I did, the Monday after Easter! Students had to hunt for math problems! Students came into the classroom with eggs EVERYWHERE. They used Cooperative Learning and it was such a fun and engaging activity! 


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