When you think of virtual reality, I am sure the last place you think of using it is in the classroom. THINK AGAIN. Using Class VR, I was able to bring to life our anchor texts within our reading curriculum to help students understand and picture what was happening.

When I brought the Class VR sets into the classroom, I first introduced them to students by allowing them to virtually see anything. Scaring them by swimming with sharks or with a polar bear directly in their face was quite comical. After wrapping up a historical fiction story on the San Francisco Earthquake, I was able to show them virtually the actual damage an earthquake can do. The paired text for that week was a non-fiction piece on Tornadoes. I then, was able to show students a group of storm chasers witnessing a tornado.

The following week, we began a firsthand account on a journey to Antarctica. The author described the ice, the blue whales and the Adélie penguins. The Class VR library didn't have anything like this, so I was able to convert 360° YouTube videos and upload them to my ClassVR account. I found a video on the blue whale and its anatomy, great footage of the penguins hanging out and a boat traveling through the icy waters of Antartica. All experiences, that my students wouldn't normally be able to experience, I was able to bring it into the classroom, thanks to Class VR.
Students using the Class VR Headsets in the classroom to observe Adélie penguins. 
I am grateful because I work with my district on their STEM committee. We have STEM tools available for teachers to check-out on a regular basis, which is how I was able to use these in my classroom. The sets are made for students, in that they can use them by holding them up to their face or putting them on their face using the straps for a hands-free experience. Students who might be prone to motion sickness, just have to tilt their head to the left or the right in order for the image to move or they can spin around.

For more information on the Class VR Sets, visit their website at www.classvr.com

I am in no way affiliated with Class VR. Just a teacher who was able to get her hands on a set and use them in my classroom. 

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